Shadowy black locust reach before starscapes

galaxial wash is billions of suns

deer quickens startled out of mists

heart tenders, softening to the majesty

the unfolding speaks softly barely whispers

yet ever is present as dark lake roaring

moths flutter soundless in powdery grace

wings enter pupils, in them new myths created

Current phase manifestation:

Tyler Bradley ~ singer of songs, acoustic guitar

Shane Carlson - electric guitar fractal bliss creator

John Krieder ~ drumkit and hand percussion riddim lord

Matthew Milo - Bassgroove deep end diver

also featuring!

David Spalvieri-Kruse ~ rhythm/lead piano, keyboard maestro

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Shows & Gatherings


Summer is upon us and we are excited to be playing a healthful dollop of shows in and around the Southwest Michigan area!  Expanding sounds, new songs and the reintegration of former band member genius David Spalvieri-Kruse are all happening and worth getting jazzed about!  Stay tuned and come out to see us at one of our shows!

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Earth Wave Sway

by Cold Mountain Child

Our latest album!  An artifact representing years of rooted growth and aural exploration.  Available to hear in full right here!  Also hear it on itunes, spotify, soundcloud, and bandcamp!