Dad, he woke before the dawn

he dresses in the dark and he’s gone.

The car engine moans, he drives in alone

to deepen pits in endless rows.

His boss says “My friend, in life there’s nothing free.

and no one can afford to be,

so put your aching hands to oiling their machine.”


The dutiful lost in their going

cry buzzsaw swarms engulf the slow ones.

Each will decide if in this life

promised deliverance will someday suffice

when every moment’s stained in sacrifice

as we ask ourselves “What do I sell this time?”

(the dismal doorways of despair still will oblige).


Fences carve property scars,

each line designed to keep apart

those cutting loose the shortage noose

hung to adorn their gilded ruins.

But until we all break free no one is free

and each glimpse convinces me…


We are the currents raging towards release

The luscious veil of daybreak to the east

The sprout proclaiming space through crumbling streets

The gentle-handed new day tendency

So come my sisters, brothers, sing with me

Come my brothers, sisters, sing with me.



Poor manners rearranged and praised

‘till wolf pack laws are deemed sane

imbalance pressed on mind frames

is not our true state

and will be burned away

‘till we have ground to cultivate

a human kindness as we bring

love into the world.


Nurture the constancy that knows

when weeding back your mad growth

you let roots feed what’s been sown,

so push past your tangles

and stand free and whole,

nourish a simple garden home

the boundless gifts each of us own

to be shared with the world.


Turn to the rich soil of your mind

in damp earth offerings we find

a cycle-strength that gifts life.

She leaves us humbled

and with the strength to fight

for ease of breath in living light

for every soul beneath the sky

to be healed down by the garden side.

Summer Golden


If you bear a heavy load,

an anxious tug that gnaws you down,

weave your path along dusty trails

that hum the golden season sound.

Warm, slow breezes cool the mind,

the healthy drip of sweat on skin.

Red clay banks all crowned in pine

invite a late-day river swim.


Lay you down in pools of jade,

and lingering day she will provide.

Gifts of boughs in breezy shade,

the hazy pulse of world alive.

Alive, this world’s alive,

this world beholds, she is alive.

Alive, this world’s alive,

this world provides, she is alive.

Reddust Refusal


Poison paths choke hope from frames of mind

as job-well-done-week’s-vacation

are the holy veils that cloak each wail.

While cold industry priests cry it’s of no concern

that you feel so done-in,

that the human is buried daily beneath this frantic din.


Do you see the wound we inflict upon ourselves,

lost in each profitable hell?

Blood for the golden horn, the duties borne,

the roar of their collapsing tower -

oh, how it devours

oh how it feeds us gospels of greed.

Hear the roar of their collapsing tower

oh how it devours

oh how it feeds us gospels of greed…


Of false paradise fever material dreams.

Wage slaves beg for scraps bought in life-debt decrees.

Their heads bow exalting slow-death deities,

who hiss schizophrenia and murder the seeds

of what could be.

But beneath pale thrones burns a refusal to go

as hive-mind maintainers of Capital’s row.

We all have inside the tools to overthrow

each technocrat savior hollowing the soul.

We won’t be sold on cowering, on miserably accepting

glorified survival when we deserve better

glorify survival but we will have better.


One drop in sight

of pure delight

of moon blue night

gives us strength to break through

the hustle of our reddust days.


My agency

nectar sweet

comes to me

as the whispering pine halls enthrall

as baby animals dance in pale spring jubilee… so will we!

Silhouette Spin


The cool vapor kiss of the night field’s mist is a friend I know

But her touch of cheek hides the paths I seek in a thick fog glow

While the rag sea bird beak a song that urges play with all

As their silhouettes spin with the oakleaf children’s earthward fall


I sing all night

In star gleam white


As I dance so young with the lush green clung to our fallen tree friends

their generous decay is a slow wave sway of returning bends.

The creek side stones sing in elder tones sunk in solar flare

and they dance with the trees as the trees hold me with a lover’s care


I sing all day

In sun beam’s play


One step, two step

hip starts the move


breathe in, breathe out

in to the blue

Ancient Love


Green river bend heals and holds us.

The rolling thunderhead horizons

gift us rooted lightning coinciding

with our ancient, burning love.


Co-being of souls is an ocean,

too bountiful to hold.

Light crowns the galaxies of heart home fullness found

In our radiant human love.


Step with me into each moment

Awakening pulse of worlds

Peace flows, lays a path of steady moss bed growth

I’ll love you all my life.


Strong spirit eyes,

warm woven shine

the curve of your hip against mine.

In this sacred place

we will build our lives.

Sing Out!


Sing out without knowing what or how

over peaks and woodland dells in buoyant swells.

Each voice, a sacred myth we’re living with

until every voice has its own bell to ring

shimmering through everything,

shimmering through!



The worry wear of wage-mind chill and grind

can muddy down the usefulness this sacred fire I harbor.

So I will sweetly breathe, exhale, release.

so I can hold the promise of each living being close to me

until I see it manifest in word and deed:

each hold creation seed.


My winter rooms where comfort turned to greed

are opening their windows to a clean fruition breeze.

I will send forth clear cascading suns,

rejoice in charity of heart towards everyone

as now my child eyes see:

the more I love,

the more love comes to me.


My truer childhood self suffers the scorn

when I cling to each broken stone once slipped upon now mourned.

So I will turn back in and love myself.

Be it torrential healing rain

ecstatic living wealth!

Until that vast firmament glow

Is ours to reap and sow.

Dream, Children


Come in, children, from the cold…

and warm your hands upon the hearth that simmers sweet.

Each ember’s murmur sparks an age reborn in heat,

reclaimed heat.


Hush, my worried children, hush…

and you will hear a steady rhythm in the boughs

who sigh no better time for letting go than now,

than right now.


Rest, my weary children, rest…

your soul hangs ragged from the ceaseless grind of years,

lay back and let the fragrant pastures dry each tear

and please draw me near,

and I’ll be near you.


Dream, my sleeping children, dream…

and we’ll evoke infinite wonders from the flame

each spark resounds as moss awakening in rain.


Moss in rain is how our dreams came.

The acorn earthward

foretold the seed’s burst

oh, how she assures.

Wither Gone


My mind’s a blossomed grain

and I sway in fields of remembering

being held by sweet earth while a cool rain

soaks low, my wither’s gone.

The will to live is strong.


The clear and savage moon

speaks plainly to the tide’s rhythm inside of you

reflects through foggy mornings on the shallows who

give soul its steady shore.

Each being affirms wave roar.


All veins flow from source, sweet home

Her kind light shows

each blessed branching bone.


The meadow opens unto me

Old sky teach me to…


Set root in what you behold

Bear fruit as the blossoms unfold

You stand on a glowing threshold,

now walk paths of living

As my dawn light burns gold.

Old Bones


Our hearts sunk down to core of earth.

Souls arch past stars' celestial mirth.

With you,

so glad to be here, too.


Mama runs lush through babies' bloom,

weaves us, all children on her loom

Our minds

are fruit born of her light-spun vine.


Past our civilized daze

sumac spirals amaze.

Earth's old bones

no other home.


Young buds are fists held up to sun

slow shout, they silently become.

Each leaf

revolts against the death-path lean.


Frogs croak, fish dart in silver schools

insects leave old skins 'round the pools.

Step quiet

there are teachings hidden here in sight.


Past our civilized daze

sumac spirals amaze.

Earth's old bones

no other home.


She knocks softly upon your door

invites a step outside, inward.

Outside the earth turns wide

please leave the burning house behind.

Past Storms


Your eyes were fragile, so sad

regrets bathed your temples in dreams you once had.

You built a life, it seemed the right path to tread

but hollow howls echo down the halls you were led

(halls that so many were led).


Storms hold a tragic romance

but past turmoil's clouds waits wild starry expanse.

Dad, there is such a goodness in you

my voice rings 'cause you gave us heartsongs so true.


So come on, let your voice rise

your inner dimensions still yearn to surprise you

to show you the radiance inside!



Your eyes unlock me like the iceflows in the spring

in the silvered heath and meadow

the earth turns so slow

our bodies burn.


Your lips are canyons, turquoise river flows me free

towards Pacific roaring moon song

we've waited so long

so come on, let's dive in!


You awaken paths inside me,

roots intertwining

in the earthly tangle our light sublime

it climbs and climbs.


Your hips invite me to linger on in the cool pine shade

ruddy needles softly laying

bodies interplaying

like peaks touch the sky.


Your mind's a spring fed from the earth depth living stone

nourished by the hills a'rippling

your sediment song

gentles me home, gentles my soul


You awaken paths inside me,

roots intertwining

in the earthly tangle our light sublime

it climbs and climbs.