Cold Mountain Child is a psych-groove-folk band informed by the histories of jazz, soul, lo-fi, psychedelic and latin american music.  Their lyrics and intent interweave with Gaia-mind emanations and inner/outer personal and collective freedom seeking.

The four-piece began releasing albums as a folk-duo with 2008’s And All I’ve Done Is Walk Around And Hide In Leaves and 2009’s Stillness Singing.  Layers of woodsy, wintery tones and hushed vocal harmonies were all blanketed in an analogue, lo-fi esthetic.  Lyrically the album mirrored Tyler's travels throughout Peru, winter-still sorrow, and inner journeys of meditation and sacred plant explorations.

Their sounds evolved from the snowy layering of their earlier material to an earthy, psychedelic realm.  In 2011 they released High Peak Hearth Songs, an E.P. chronicling a revelatory time Tyler spent travelling alone in the Andean high mountains. Their expanding sound wove influence from roots Americana, protest folk, tropicalismo and reggae, and in 2015 they released their third album, Earth Wave Sway on vinyl.  During production the band moved out to a small rural community in southwest Michigan to live in a travel trailer on a friend's organic farm.  Through quiet challenges of self-sufficiency and rambling moonlit ecstasies, country life profoundly impacted CMC’s creation-journey by connecting their inner spirit realms with the surrounding community of beings - animal, vegetable, mineral.

Cold Mountain Child continues their explorations of inner/outer nature as they expand tour routes, establish a country-forest homestead and dig deeper into the crafting of their upcoming LP.