Cold Mountain Child seeks to offer myths of heart to a world cluttered with distraction and destruction.  In March 2015 they released their latest album, Earth Wave Sway, on vinyl.  The songs are rooted in pastoral folk structures woven to lush harmonies, offering an aural tapestry that ranges from djembe pulses and dusty viola moans to celestial keyboards and psychedelic washes.  Voices chant of ecstatic agency, of tender loving and a yearning for new realities beyond the capitalist death-march.  Rich drum grooves root and elevate each song's life-pulse.  Recorded in travel trailers, orchards, and in sun-baked patios, the album's production strides psychic and cultural borders, from rural Michigan to barrios in southern Mexico.  Earth Wave Sway is the fruit of years of play with inner-discovery and outer- awareness.  Its sounds are a humble exaltation to wild nature, including the human that glows in each of us. 

Begun as a folk songwriter duo, Tyler Bradley and David Spalvieri-Kruse created Cold Mountain Child in 2008, after Tyler had finished recording a series of lo-fi autumnal songs titled ''And All I've Done is Walk Around and Hide in Leaves".  The duo collaborated on piano and guitar arrangements to release their first official album, "Stillness Singing" in 2009.  Layers of woodsy, wintery tones and hushed vocal harmonies were all blanketed in an analogue, lo-fi esthetic.  Lyrically the album mirrored Tyler's travels throughout Peru as well as inner journeys of meditation and sacred plant explorations.

After playing and touring locally following the release of Stillness, David moved for a time to a small town in Maine where the air smelled of pine.  Tyler also left Michigan for the dogwood blossoms of Atlanta, Georgia.  This period marked the growth of Tyler as a songwriter and lyricist, wrestling with the beauty and inherent wisdom of nature, the inner depths of self-knowledge and a search for realities beyond the cruelties of the capitalist system.  Their sounds shifted from the cozy winter layering of their earlier material to a more earthy, psychedelic folk tone.  In 2011 they released "High Peak Hearth Songs", an E.P. chronicling a revelatory time Tyler spent travelling alone in the Andean high mountains.

Shortly thereafter several other musicians joined the group, including Michelle Brenes singing heady vocal harmonies and John Kreider, a percussionist with a gift for nuanced rhythms that naturally enhanced the band's earthy folk vibe.  Their expanding sound wove influence from roots Americana, 60's protest folk, tropicalia and reggae, and in late 2013 they began recording their new album.  During production Tyler and David moved out to Bangor, a small rural community in southwest Michigan, to live in a travel trailer on a friend's farm.  With its quiet challenges of self-sufficiency and its rambling ecstasies of inner/outer Selfhood, country life profoundly impacted Tyler's lyrical and musical journey by further connecting his inner realms with the surrounding community of beings - animal, vegetable, mineral. 

Released on March 27th, 2015, their new album, Earth Wave Sway is a reflection of these years of growth. Cold Mountain Child returns to share the nectars of its explorations, and stands to create heart songs, hymns of our sacred place on this great earth and of our need to move beyond the destructive nature of market civilization.

They continue journeying into new realms of solo songwriting and full-band magicks... join them!