The worry wear of wage-mind chill and grind

can muddy down the usefulness this sacred fire I harbor.

So I will sweetly breathe, exhale, release.

so I can hold the promise of each living being close to me

until I see it manifest in word and deed:

each hold creation seed.


My winter rooms where comfort turned to greed

are opening their windows to a clean fruition breeze.

I will send forth clear cascading suns,

rejoice in charity of heart towards everyone

as now my child eyes see:

the more I love,

the more love comes to me.


My truer childhood self suffers the scorn

when I cling to each broken stone once slipped upon now mourned.

So I will turn back in and love myself.

Be it torrential healing rain

ecstatic living wealth!

Until that vast firmament glow

Is ours to reap and sow.