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Cold Mountain Child - Shane, Tyler, John

Cold Mountain Child - Shane, Tyler, John

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by Cold Mountain Child

Recorded in the studio set up at the country house of Tyler and Marisol, Bramble is an album of songs that grow through, a result of the collaboration between songwriter Tyler and the 3 geniuses Shane (electric guitar), Milowe (bass) & John (drums). Songs for a fruitful psychic/habitat succession. Also hear it on itunes, spotify, soundcloud, and bandcamp!


Cold mountain child:

Tyler Bradley writes songs and sings them

Shane Carlson - electric guitar fractal bliss creator

John Krieder ~ drumkit and hand percussion expert


Shadowy black locust reach before starscapes

galaxial wash is billions of suns

deer quickens startled out of mists

heart tenders, softening to the majesty

the unfolding speaks softly barely whispers

yet ever is present as dark lake roaring

moths flutter soundless in powdery grace

wings enter pupils, in them new myths created



Summer shows, recording our second LP, August tour, and establishing a country homestead paradise of nature!